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March 2017 Newsletter

March is already upon us. Don't miss any of this month's events. 

Dunamis Karate News

March 2017

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March 6-9  T-shirt Week
For a $1.00 donation, students can wear a t-shirt to class in place of their gi tops.  All donations will go toward mission work in Liberia, West Africa.
Friday, March 10  
Hyper Fight Club & Pizza Night 
$10  6:00 – 7:30 PM
Join us for this fun fight night followed up with two slices of pizza and some great fellowship with your friends. (Remember, sparring is a part of your belt requirements.  Intermediate students are required to attend at least one fight night per test cycle.  Advanced students are required to attend at least 2 fight nights per test cycle.   RSVP
March 16 - April 1st
Liberia, West Africa Mission Trip
Please pray from Miss Andi Lynn, Mr. Jim and Ms. Cynthia daily.  These 3 will leave for Liberia, West Africa on Thursday, 3/16 then return on Saturday, April 1st.
March 20 - April 10
Membership Contest
Give us the contact information for any friends and family who could benefit from any of our programs.  For each name you give us, we will put your name into a drawing for a free t-shirt.  We will hold 3 drawings between March 20th and April 10th.  Three lucky winners will receive the Chuck Norris System or UFAF Krav Maga Force t-shirt of their choice!

Prior Events

March 3 - Parents Night Out NERF WAR  6:00-9:00 PM  $15
March 4 - FREE Ladies Self Defense Class  10:00-12:00
Coming Events
3/6-3/9  T-shirt Week  $1.00
3/10 Hyper Fight Club
3/11 Black Belt Pre-Test
3/16-4/1 Liberia Mission Trip
3/20-4/10 Membership Contest
3/27 Drawing 1
4/3 Drawing 2
4/5-4/6  CLOSED No Classes
4/10 Drawing 3
4/14 Hyper Fight Club
4/17 Hampton Belt Testing
4/19-20 Ridgeland Belt Testing
4/21-22 Regional Black Belt Test & Workouts
4/29 Youth Black Belt Test
March 11
Black Belt Pre-Test
Exactly how hard is a Black Belt test?  Come and see for yourself as we pre-test some of our students for their next Black Belt ranks.
The 2nd Degree Pre-Test starts at 10:00 AM and the Youth Black Belt Pre-Test starts at 2:00 PM.
April 5-6 - CLOSED
Mrs. Woods and Miss Andi Lynn will be traveling to FL for their next Krav Maga certification class.  The two of them will face 10-13 hour training days as they prepare for the KMF Level 4 certification.
No classes will be held on Wed, 4/5  or Thurs, 4/6.
Membership Contest
March 27 Drawing 1
April 3 Drawing 2
April 20 Drawing 3
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

February is FULL of action - Read on!

Dunamis Karate News February 2017

This month is packed with things you need to know, so read carefully and mark your calendars now so you don’t miss anything.  If you have questions about any of these upcoming things, let us know!

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Ridgeland students can enroll here.
Hampton students enroll here.

Printable Calendar, Newsletter, Test Form, Goodwill Tournament Flyer & Registration Form
FREE Krav Maga Force Class
Tue. 1/31  7:00 PM
Ages 13 and up only

Krav Maga Force is a no nonsense self defense system that you can learn today and be able to use tonight!  Come experience KMF for yourself … and feel free to bring a friend with you!
Tee Shirt Week
Feb. 6-9

For a $1 donation, students will be allowed to wear a t-shirt to class in place of the gi tops.  All money raised will go toward mission projects in Liberia, West Africa. 
Hyper Fight Club
& Pizza Night

Friday, Feb. 10

  6:00-7:30 PM   -  $10
Join us for this fun fight night followed up with 2 slices of pizza and some great fellowship.

NOTE:  Sparring is apart of your belt requirements.   Intermediate students (Purple - Blue) are required to attend at least one fight night per test cycle.  Advanced students (Blue/Green - Black) are required to attend at least 2 fight nights per test cycle.
Belt Testing

RIDGELAND 2/23-2/24

            Test Requirements:
  • Minimum of 80% class attendance
  • Tuition payments up to date
  • Test Form and Test Fee $20 turned in week prior to testing (After 2/16 there will be a $10 late fee)
  • Flag & Dunamis Patch attached to uniform (Gold Belts & Higher)
  • Active UFAF Membership with Patch on uniform (Purple Belts & Higher)
  • Attend Fight Night (One for Purple-Blue and TWO for Blue/Green & Up)

Goodwill Tournament
February 25th
Lady's Island

Every year our students look forward to competing at the Goodwill Tournament and this year is no different.  It’s really your only chance to compete this close to home.  Students of all ages and ranks can compete in up to 3 events for just $45 and every competitor will receive a beautiful trophy.  There will even be special divisions for the Tiny Tiger age students.  Pre-register before Feb. 18 to get the $45 rate.  Registration forms available at the pro-shop.
Hampton Fun Night
Friday, Feb. 3rd  
Kids – Hyper Bully Defense 5:45 PM
Adults – UFAF Krav Maga Force 6:30-7:30 PM 
KMF Guest Day
Tuesday, Feb. 7th 
The KMF Student who brings the most guests to class on Tuesday, Feb. 7th will get a FREE KMF Tee!
Tournament Prep Class
Friday, Feb. 17    6:00-7:00    $5.00
Do you want to compete with a weapon at the Goodwill Tournament? Do you want to just learn a weapon for fun? These classes are for you! We offer training with the Bo Staff or Nunchucks. Students may choose from either of these weapons!
Tournament Prep Class
Friday, Feb. 24    6:00-7:00    $5.00
Let's fine-tune your kata for the Goodwill Tournament.  This class is fore EVERYONE who plans to attend the Goodwill Tournament.  We will help you choose which form is the best fit for your competition and give you tips to impress the judges and increase your scores!
Bring a Friend Week
Feb. 27-March 2
Bring a Friend to Class with you this week only!
PARENTS: We are having a MEMBERSHIP DRIVE… if you/your child brings a friend who enrolls by March 9, you will receive a $25 Gift Card!!

This goes fore EVERY FRIEND who enrolls!  We will give you a $25 gift card for every friend who enrolls as a new student by March 9th. 
Upcoming Events:
Parent’s Night Out Nerf War 3/3
Ladies KMF Self Defense Course 3/4
Membership Drive ends 3/9
Hyper Fight Club & Pizza 3/10
Youth Black Belt Pre-Test 3/11
Next Belt Test 4/17 Hampton, 4/19-20 Ridgeland
Regional Black Belt Test & Workouts in North Augusta, SC 4/21-4/22
Youth 1st Degree Black Belt Test 4/29
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