Monday, December 3, 2018

The lights are getting shut off

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Hey, Mrs. Woods here.

Hopefully, the subject of this email didn’t have you worrying too much because our lights are getting shut off for a good reason…

Neon Ninja Classes are coming to Dunamis Karate

You might be wondering what a Neon Ninja Class is….

If that is the case, then keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email for more

See you on the mat,

Mrs. Woods

Friday, November 23, 2018

Christmas Sale Is ON!

We can have "Black Friday" sale too! 

Everything is AT LEAST 15% OFF!

Many items are "LIMITED QUANTITY" 

Don't know what to get your karate kids from Christmas??  Well here is one option and this is soon to become a "REQUIREMENT" for all students to have.  Get ahead of the curve and buy it now while it's on sale!

Is your martial artist interested in learning a weapon?  NOW IS THE TIME!  Buy any weapon ($20 value or more) and get a free 1/2 hour class on using that weapon absolutely FREE!

Remember sparring is REQUIRED for Purple Belts and higher!  Now is the time to purchase the necessary gear while it's discounted then discounted again! 

Our higher level Krav Maga students are beginning to spar in class.  This package would be a wonderful Christmas gift to help protect them and their partner while training!

Every Krav Maga students needs at least this bare minimum equipment! 

Follow the link!