Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Super Summer 2016

Summer is going to be SUPER here at
Dunamis Karate!

Summer is Almost Here ...

And we have some SUPER things planned.

In our Jr. & Adult classes, we will be changing from our traditional curriculum and working on UFAF's Integrated Self Defense Training.  We will cover self defense/fighting skills from stand up to take down, protecting yourself while on the ground, and recovering safely to your feet.  This curriculum is required for students before they can test for 3rd Degree in the Chuck Norris System and we are going to give it to all of our jr. and adult ranks through the summer.  You don't want to miss it!

We will combine the Jr. ranks and cut back our classes to two days per week... but the classes will go from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.  We will also be adding morning classes for students in the Jr. class (no Tiny Tigers, please).  Students will need to choose morning OR afternoon classes.  We do not have space for students to do both classes, so you will need to choose morning OR afternoon and stick to that for the entire 6 weeks of the summer schedule!

And we will have only TWO summer camps this year.  Get all the details on our Super Summer 2016 by reading below!
Hyper Fight Club Camp
Friday, June 24
10:00-3:00   $50

For Purple Belts & Higher
Must have own Sparring Gear

Have Fun and Learn
- Pro Fight Combinations
- Footwork Drills
- Champion Mindset

Space is limited to 20 people so register ASAP to reserve your spot!

FREE Fight Club Tee if pre-registered by June 6th. 
($24 Value)

(Click image to play video)
The Hyper Fight Club program has assembled a group of the best fighters in kickboxing, MMA and point fighting to teach the most effective techniques they use to Win In The Ring.
The Hyper Fight Club classes mix a fusion of martial arts sparring combinations, self defense techniques and drills, plyometrics, combat sprints, sparring games, music, workshops and special events to inspire the world’s top martial arts athletes.
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Believe Bo Staff Camp
Friday, July 29th
10:00-3:00   $50

- Learn expert strikes, tricks & combos with the Bo Staff
- Learn a cool new bo staff form
- Trick Battle & Weapons Competition

Space is limited to 12 people to register ASAP to reserve your spot!

FREE Belive Hyper tee if pre-registered by July 6th.
($24 Value)
(Click image to play video)
Jackson Rudolph holds over 35 World Titles across many different tournament circuits. Jackson is a professional model and actor and has done work for companies such as Sunny Delight, Sylvan Learning, Big Time Toys, Lifeway, Target and others.

Jackson is very well know for his powerful solid foundation of wood cracking strikes combined with incredibly innovative and difficult tricks. He amazes crowds with his performances and loves teaching private lessons and seminars. To Jackson life is about getting your goals and giving back to others.
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Space is limited so REGISTER NOW!  Reserve your spot for these amazing camps!  Remember if your pre-register before the deadline for each camp, you will receive a free t-shirt.
Summer Schedule    
June 7 - July 31    
Morning Jr. Karate 6/7 - 7/3110:00 AM10:00 AM  
Tiny Tigers4:30 - 5:004:30 - 5:00  
Jr White-Blue/Green5:00 - 6:005:00-6:00  
Jr Green - Black & All Adults6:45 :7:456:45 - 7:45  
Closed June 9th - Make up class Wed. June 8th  
Closed July 4 for Independence Day   
Closed July 10-23 for Training in Vegas - Make Up Classes July 6, 25 & 27

Monday, April 25, 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

Don't miss any of the amazing things happening this month!

Printable Calendar/Newsletter/Test Forms HERE!

Dunamis Karate News - May 2016

The summer is quickly approaching and our students are now allowed to wear the summer uniforms (Dunamis shorts & tee) or approved karate tees and gi pants.  Approved tees are any tees by Dunamis Karate, Hyper Martial Arts, or Chun Kuk Do.  No other tees are approved for wearing during class time.  Please adhere to this school dress code.  If you do not have an approved karate tee, stop by our pro-shop today and see if we have your size in stock!
As you know Miss Andi is now a full time member of Team Rock Ministry.  Well they are going to be in our area this month and you will haveTWO opportunities to catch their show:
Friday, May 6th at 7:00 at Creative Church in Hardeeville (the old Abundant Life – 1293 Plantation Drive) or
Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30 at Lighthouse Church in Hampton(2435 Augusta Hwy). 
We will be closed Tuesday the 10th to allow everyone to go the performance in Hampton.  We want to take a MASSIVE crowd to support Miss Andi and the ministry of Team Rock!
Friday, May 20th Private Lesson Marathon  3:00-5:00
Book a half hour one on one lesson with Mrs. Woods for the discounted rate of only $25.  This is the perfect time to brush up on your skills before belt testing on June 4th!
Monday, May 30
Memorial Day
We will be closed – No classes will be held this day!
Our Summer Schedule will start immediately after belt testing.  Classes will only be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays, except for special exceptions or make up days.  Watch for more info in a separate mailing.
Belt Testing - Saturday, June 4th
Yes, it’s that time again ALREADY!
Jr. Beginner   10:00
Jr & Adult Int.  11:00
Jr. & Adult Adv. 2:00
Be sure you meet all test requirements:
  • 80% Class attendance
  • Tuition payments up to date
  • Exam request form with High Marks – nothing lower than a 2
  • Clean, Well Fitting White Uniform
  • School Patch & Flag – Gold Belts & Higher
  • UFAF membership –Purple/White & Higher
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