Friday, July 31, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

Break time is over - Back to Business!
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Dunamis Karate News

August 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed the “mini vacation” while we were closed.  I know our team of instructors and students who attended the Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference truly had a blast and gained some great knowledge to share with all of you.  Here is a quick rundown of what you missed:

7/21-22, Miss Andi and I completed the Master Development Series 501 course;
7/22 I attended the Professional Development Series of classes designed to help school owners;
7/23 Miss Andi, Mr. Alex, Tyler & I attended the Instructor Development Series designed to make better instructors; after the IDS classes we all watched as Ryan Gamble from CA was inducted into the CKD Master Ranks.  We also got to see an amazing demonstration of the new UFAF BJJ program.  Following the presentations, we were treated to a Q & A time with Grand Master Chuck Norris, Allen Steen & Skipper Mullens (3 of the all time greatest fighters).  Following the Q & A, we went for a time of celebration at the annual Pool Party!
7/24 all of us attended the ITC Classes which ran from 8:00 until lunch.  After lunch, the demo team competition started.  Miss Andi was asked to join the Cox/Gallacher demo team from Vegas and though their team did not win, they gave an outstanding performance.  Following the demo teams, the forms & weapons competition began.  Kaydence won 1st in forms & weapons, Camren won 1st in weapons, Tyler won 2ndin forms & 4th in weapons, Miss Andi won 1st in forms and went on to compete in Grands in hopes of regaining the coveted Norris Cup.  She gave an awesome performance, but the win went to Erik Esparza from TX.  

7/25 we all participated in day 2 of the ITC classes, which ran until lunch time.  After lunch, the team sparring and Jiujitsu competition was held.  None of us participated in those events, but we enjoyed watching, cheering and/or judging. Saturday night we attended the annual UFAF Awards Banquet.  I (Lindy Woods) was honored to be asked to give the invocation.  During the awards ceremony, Miss Andi Woods was awarded the "Most Inspirational" award.  She got to go on stage and receive her award from Mr. Norris.  What a HUGE honor!
7/26 started the sparring competition.  Mr. Alex, Mr. Jimmy, Mrs. Bobbi and I spent the day judging.  Kaydence won 1st in her sparring division.  Tyler won 4th in his Red Belt division and Andi won 1st in her division.  

Every year we look forward to attending the ITC.  For us, it’s like a Big family reunion as we get to see our CKD family from all over the world.  Remember, this event is NOT for Black Belts only … all ranks are invited to attend.  This year, we had 1 Purple Belt, 1 Blue Belt and 3 Red Belts from Dunamis Karate participate.   The event will be held again in July 2016.  Start planning now if you would like to join us!!

Click here to see videos from the 2015 UFAF CKD ITC!
Aug. 14 – Back To School Party
Join us for this FREE Fun Night as we celebrate our students returning to school.
Aug. 28 – Fight Night 6:00-7:00 $5.00
All Purple Belts and up who have sparring gear are invited to join us for this special fight night.  The cost is only $5.00.
Aug. 10 – Full Schedule Resumes … Classes Monday through Thursday
Tiny Tigers5:005:00Private Lessons
Jr. Beginner5:304:005:304:00By Appointment
on Fridays
Jr. Int. & Adv.6:154:456:154:45Special Events,
Fun Nights, &
Hyper Pro Training5:305:30Graduations
Held Periodically
Adults/Teens6:156:15on Fridays

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Sept. 4 – Private Lesson Marathon 
This marks the ½ way point through our belt curriculum and a perfect time to get some one on one training to make sure you are ready for belt testing on Sept. 26th.  Private lessons with Mrs. Woods will be offered at a discounted rate on a first come, first serve basis.  Sign up today to reserve your spot.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July News from Dunamis Karate

Don't miss out on anything happening in July!
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Dunamis Karate News

July 2015

It’s hard to believe, but July is already here … that means we are preparing for our big training event in Las Vegas and also that the summer is nearing an end.  We have one more camp series this month and one BIG make up class camp.  Be sure to make note of the dates we are closed and when we return as well as these special events.  If you have any question, please see Mrs. Woods.

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July 6-10
Martial Arts Athlete Camp

Mon, Wed, Fri   
$20 Each or 3 for $50
July 6

This camp will have something for everyone: beginner to advanced: Higher jump kicks, faster spins, more upside down “flippy” stuff.  Come and be amazed at how much you can learn and improve!
July 8 FORMS Camp
Camp participants will learn an amazing new Hyper form and have it uploaded to our YouTube page.   This form is one of a kind and won’t be learned by anyone other than camp attendees… Don’t miss this opportunity!
July 10 Self Defense Fighting Camp         
No more being a victim!  We are Martial Arts Athletes and we are confident & strong!  This camp will cover fighting self-defense skills that are not taught in any of our other classes.  Learn the skills – boost your confidence – knowledge equals power!
July 17
Make Up Class Camp

We will be closed for 2 weeks this month (July 20-31).  Yes, you will be missing 4 classes … unless you come to this special “Make Up Class Camp.”

This camp will cover some of everything that we’ve been working on over the summer.  All ages & ranks will be combined for a massive training event.

Students can come to all or any portion of the event.  You are not required to attend all 4 hours … but if you want to, be sure to pack a lunch, some snacks and plenty of water because this event will be action packed!!
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July 20-31

We are closed for two weeks while our instructors and some dedicated, faithful students travel to Las Vegas for the annual Chun Kuk Do International Training Convention.  In all, we have a dozen students attending the ITC to expand their knowledge of CKD!
The ITC event is packed with numerous training classes for all ages and ranks as well as 3 days of competition.  Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page ( so you can get all the updates.

UFAF CKD ITC 2014 Highlights
Interested in seeing some highlights from last  year's ITC?
Check out this video!
Check out the highlight video from our Ninja Turtle Weapons Camp!
Aug. 2             Classes Resume with Morning Karate at 10:00 AM and Evening Karate at 3:30.  This will be our last week of the “SUMMER SCHEDULE.”
 Starting Aug. 9th, we will resume our full 4 day a week schedule.  
Tiny Tigers5:00 5:00 
Jr. Beginner5:304:005:304:00
Jr. Int. & Adv.6:154:456:154:45
Hyper Pro Training 5:30 5:30
Adults/Teens 6:15 6:15