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May 2017 Newsletter

Karate in the Park - Nerf War - Hyper Fight Night - Read on!

Dunamis Karate News
May 2017

During the “summer” months (May-October), students are allowed to wear approved summer uniforms.  Approved t-shirts include: Dunamis Karate shirts, Chuck Norris System or Chun Kuk Do shirts, and Hyper shirts.  Shorts may be worn in place of the gi pants, but they must have the Dunamis Karate logo on them to be approved.   Please adhere to the school policy by only wearing the approved clothing!
Printable Calendar/Newsletter
Kids Karate in the Park
Ridgeland - Wednesday, May 3rd
All ages/ranks meet at Turpin Park at 5:00 for one big, fun class.
Hampton - Monday, May 8th
All ages/ranks meet at Lightsey Park at 5:00 for one big, fun class.

Hyper Fight Club & Pizza Night
Friday, May 19 & June 2
6:00-7:30  $10
Join us for this fun night of sparring and 2 slices of pizza.  Remember sparring is a part of your belt requirements for Purple Belts and up.  Intermediate students are required to attend at least 1 fight night per test cycle.  Advanced students are required to attend 2 fight nights.
Parents' Night Out
Nerf War Party
Friday, May 5th
6:00 - 9:00 PM  $15
Grab your Nerf guns and your safety goggles.  Pack some snacks and all your bullets and join us for this fun night of non-stop action.  The Nerf War is our most requested fun night and you don't want to miss it!

Click image to watch some Nerf War action from a Nerf War Party!
If you are a purple belt and don't have your own sparring gear, please contact Mrs. Woods ASAP to get it ordered so you don't miss your next test.
Karate Summer Camps are Coming
We have planned 3 small summer camps for our students to enjoy.  Each camp cost $50 and includes a camp t-shirt, if students pre-register by July 28th.  Purchase all 3 camps and pay only $125 – a $25 discount.  Each camp will run 5 hours, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  Campers will need to pack lunch and snacks for the day but drinks will be provided.
  • Monday, Aug. 7th   Hyper EMPOWER Bo Staff Camp
    • Learn bo staff strikes, spins, releases and a cool form that can be used in demonstrations or competition.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 9th  UFAF Brazilian Jiujitsu Camp
    • Learn ground fighting skills including positions, escapes and locks.  This camp will have lots of fun games and drills while learning real, useful jiujitsu skills.
  • Friday, Aug. 11th  Movie Star Camp
    • Campers will learn stunt fighting, choreography and acting skills.  We will film a short movie starring our campers.  Yes, you will be a movie star at this camp!
Watch these videos from some of our previous summer camps.  How many of our current students do you recognize?
Summer Schedule:  June 18 - August 12
We will have one belt testing before we start the summer schedule.  Testing will be the week of June 12th.  The next week, our summer schedule will start.  The summer schedule will run 8 weeks.  Two of those weeks we will be closed ... July 9-22 ... for training and competition in Las Vegas.
If you have any questions about this schedule, see Mrs. Woods.
Tiny TigersHampton 5:005:30 - 6:00Hampton 5:005:30 - 6:00Private Lessons
All Youth 7-12Hampton 5:456:00 - 7:00Hampton 5:456:00 - 7:00Available
All Adults/Teens Hampton 6:157:00 - 8:00Hampton 6:157:00 - 8:00on Fridays
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