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Chun Kuk Do ITC 2012 Review


Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference
Las Vegas, NV - July 2012

Mr. Jim, Andi, Alex and I (Mrs. Woods) just returned from the annual trip to Las Vegas for the CKD ITC. We want to share with you some of our experiences while we were there. As always the trip was education, exciting and fun.   
FYI - the 2013 CKD ITC has been set. The dates are July 18-21st. We would like to take a large group of students with us next year ... and maybe even compete in the Demo Team Competition. UFAF will have a payment option set up soon so you can pay for your ITC in small increments. If you think you might be interested, please talk to Mr. Jim or Mrs. Lindy NOW for more information so we can all start planning!!!  

On Thursday, Alex, Andi & I attended an instructor development class lead by Iain Abernethy who shared with us some great information regarding our katas and their applications for self defense. It was truly an eye opening class and we look forward to sharing this information with our higher ranking students in the near future.  

Thursday night we watched eight Black Belts be inducted as 5th Degrees in  the Masters Rank Induction Ceremony. This was the largest ceremony to date.
After the MRIC, we attended a private pool party and enjoyed a cookout with our UFAF friends & family. As usual, the younger generation got together for a tricking session and Alex & Andi were right in the middle of it!  
Friday morning the seminars started. Andi and Alex started with another seminar with Iain Abernethy followed by a sparring class with the infamous Jadi Tention.  Mr. Jim had a class on self defense by Ms. Clara Malendez followed by a kata class by Master Freebearn.   
After the seminars, we were excited to watch the demo team competition.  This year the winning team was from Giroux Brothers Martial Arts in Boston.     

Next came the the forms & weapons competition. Mr. Jim got 2nd place in forms in 38 & over male & female Intermediate division.     

 Alex  received 3rd in forms & 2nd in weapons. Because he didn't get first place, he did not get to compete for a chance retain his Norris Cup. Instead, the Adult Forms  Grand Champion for 2012 is Greg Bullock from Presti Karate Centers in NY.   

Andi won both her forms & weapons then went on the compete in the Jr.  Grands competition for the Norris Cup. There were some truly great competitors and this year the win went to Donald Smalls, II from Premier Martial Arts in North Augusta. (We are happy the Norris Cup will stay in our region!)      

Saturday we had more seminars.  Mr. Jim and the intermediate adults had a sparring class with Mr. John Malone followed by kata bunkai with Master Steve Nelson.    


The Black Belts started with another session by Master Abernethy then Andi & I assisted Alex as he taught a tricking class to the Red and Black Belt youth.    

After the seminars we watched the first ITC grappling tournament.  We saw a lot of talent in the ground game from the youth and the adults!  It got me anxious to compete next year!   

Saturday evening, we attended the banquet & awards ceremony where Andi was awarded Jr. Competitor of the Year. The award is based on the previous year's World Championships and in 2011 Andi won forms, weapons, sparring & the Jr. Grand Championship.  

Alex also received a plaque as a seminar instructor at the ITC. ... I failed to mention earlier that Mr. Norris' twins were in Alex' seminar (talk about pressure), but we heard from a reputable source that the kids ran back to Daddy excited to show him what all they had learned during the seminar! 
On Sunday we only had to focus on the sparring competition. Mr. Jim, despite being injured, won 1st place in the 35 and over Intermediate division. He had two tough matches vs an ex Marine then an ex Navy man. 

Andi also won 1st in her division after two matches. That's two years in a row she's been a triple crown winner - in Forms, Weapons & Sparring!

Alex, after winning his weight division, went on to compete in the Men's sparring grand championship ... This would give him another shot at winning a Norris Cup.  Before the match began the other men were asking to see his ID because Alex didn't even look old enough to be in their division... he really was the "under dog."   But, despite being terribly outsized (at least 100 pounds), he really gave them a "run for their money."  
Giving added pressure to the matches, Mr. Norris stayed to watch the fighting, and Alex wanted to make sure he once again left a good impression. 
In his first match he fought David Alanzo and beat him by one point in "sudden death" over time!  In his 2nd match, he had to fight David's brother, Jorge.  The score was tied... with 3 seconds left... Both men charged in for the point .... Ahhhh - the majority of judges point toward Mr. Jorge Alanzo signifying that his shot got in first. So, the win and the Norris Cup when t o Mr. Jorge Alanzo from Mexico. 

On Monday & Tuesday, I (Mrs. Woods) attended some Masters Development classes then had to take a written test showing my grasp of what had been taught. This is the 3rd MDS class I have completed. Each one has made me better teacher, trainer and coach.  These courses are required for any candidate wanting to promote to 5th degree, but they are open to all UFAF Black Belts!
Chuck Norris Awards the Competitors of the Year Chun Kuk Do ITC 2012
Chuck Norris Awards the Competitors of the Year Chun Kuk Do ITC 2012

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August 2012 News


August 2012 
Dear Lindy,

This month we will wind down our summer and finish our summer curriculum.  As students prepare to return to school, we will also return to our FULL schedule holding classes 4 days a week. 

Mark your calendar with these upcoming events and be sure to pickup or download a copy of the FULL schedule which will kick off on August 20th! 
Summer Finale
Hyper Olympic Challenge & Pizza Party

August 24th  5:30-8:30pm     $10 competitor / $5 spectators 

Join us for the coolest martial arts competition event. It's a fusion of a traditional martial arts tournament and the X Games. We will kick things off with a Pizza Party for everyone then the competitors will compete in the following events: Hyper Speed Kick Challenges - Highest Kick Challenges - and Trick Battles including freestyle forms & weapons.

We will have separate divisions based on size/rank for all ages ... Including ADULTS/TEENS!!   The top three winners in each division will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.

We will conclude the Hyper Olympic Challenge by drawing prizes from our Summer of Excellence Point Challenge. (You must be present to win.)

Everyone wishing to attend the Hyper Olympic Challenge event as a
spectator ($5.00)or as a competitor($10) must sign up and pay the appropriate fee before 8/17!  Register & pay at the Pro-Shop!

Last Day of Summer Schedule - August 16th
We return to the FULL Schedule on August 20th

Leadership Training Boot camp
 August 17th     5:30 - 6:30pm
$20 for new leaders / $10 for review leaders 

Do you want to be a part of our Dunamis Karate Leadership Team? Do you want to learn valuable skills that will help you be a leader, not only at karate, but in all areas of life? This class is for you!!  Register now for only $20.

(Are you a current member of the Leadership Team?  You registration is only $10.  Remember, that each team member must attend at least 2 leadership trainings per year!)   

Bring A Friend Week
August 20-23 - Your last chance to earn EXTRA Tickets!  We will draw for prizes during the Hyper Olympic Challenge on 8/24!

We will be closed Sept. 3rd in honor of Labor Day.   
No Classes will be held Monday, September 3rd!
In This Issue
Hyper Olympic Challenge
Leadership Training Boot Camp
Bring a Friend Week
Hper Open Kick Session
Hper Park Session

Hyper Open Kick Session - Aug. 3rd
6:00 - 7:30pm
Come learn the newest kicks and tricks and take the Hyper Pro Challenge

FREE Event - Just wear your HYPER Shirt! 

Hyper Park Session
Saturday, August 18th  9:00am
Ridge Point Square

Wear your Hyper Shirt & Sneakers! 
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July Newsletter

In This Issue
Closing Dates
Hyper Shirt Day
Hyper Kick Sessions
Hyper Park Session
Hyper Excellence Camp
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There are numerous events this month and you don't want to be left out, so please mark your calendar.  Also remember the dates of the school closing.  No karate classes will be held for 2 weeks but Cage Fitness classes will continue as scheduled.   
Lindy Woods
School Closed for Training & Competition in Las Vegas - July 15-28
No karate classes will be held for these two weeks because the instructors will be in Las Vegas for the annual Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference and World Championships. We will participate in Instructor Development classes as well as training classes covering topics like sparring, gun/knife defense, hidden kata applications, and more. Throughout the weekend, there will also be competition in weapons, forms, and fighting. Our own Black Belts Champions, Alex Gardner and Andi Woods will defend their titles as Grand Champion and once again try to claim the coveted Norris Cup. If they are successful, they will keep the Cups for another year ... If not, we will have to ship them off to the new reigning champions. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers throughout this week. 

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Hyper Shirt Day  - Tuesday, July 10th 
Wear your favorite Hyper shirt to class and earn an extra 10 Tickets for the Summer of Excellence Point Challenge. If you wear your Hyper shirt to class, you also don't have to wear your gi pants ... You can wear shorts or any comfortable pants you choose!

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Hyper Open Kick Session
July 6th & Aug. 3rd
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Hyper Park Session
July 14th
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Hyper Excellence Camp