Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 2010 News

Demo Team – We will practice every Monday in March at 7pm. (We have a “potential” demo scheduled for March 27th at Thomas Heyward Academy for their “Spring Fling” … Stay tuned for details.)

Extreme Team
– No practice March 5th due to CKD Black Belt Pre-Test filming

Masters Club – We will begin training with the Kamas this month. If you do not already have a pair of kamas, please stop by the pro-shop and make arrangements A.S.A.P.

Black Belts for Christ – 1st tournament of the 2010 season is March 6th in Jacksonville. The next BBFC tournament will be May 8th in Summerville, SC.

Birthday Bash – Mrs. Woods’ birthday is on March 18th. We will have a small celebration on Saturday, March 20th from 6pm-7pm. Join us for cake and/or ice cream.

Class Cancelled - Jr. Black Belt class is Cancelled for Thursday, March 4th. We will still have all Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes and Jr. Sparring. We will be filming the 2nd & 3rd Degree pre-test beginning at 6pm after the Jr. Sparring.

Spring Break Boot Camp – last year our Spring Break Boot Camp was a HUGE success. We had 7 kids attend the camp … sharpening their existing skills and learning new ones … in four days of fun and intense training.

This year we are considering 2 spring break boot camps … because the local schools will be having Spring Break at different times. The first camp would be March 29th through April 1st, the 2nd camp would be April 5th through 8th. Camp hours will be 9am until 1pm each day. Students participating in the camp should pack a lunch each day. Camp curriculum will consist of traditional skills, extreme skills, falls & rolls, grappling, weapons, board breaking & more! Students who participate in the camp will have logged in 15 hours of extra training and will be eligible to “skip a belt” during their next belt test in April. The camp is open to any student age 6 and up. The cost of each camp is only $125. We will take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 kids for each camp, so if you are interested, please stop by the pro-shop A.S.A.P.

Chun Kuk Do Black Belt Test & Workouts – We will have regional Black Belt tests & workouts Friday & Saturday, April 16-17th at Club Karate in Lady’s Island. Potentially, we have 3 students testing for 1st Degree, 3 for 2nd Degree, and 2 for 3rd Degree. If you have never seen a Black Belt test live, you have no idea just how difficult it is. This test is very close to home so it’s a great time for you to come check it out. There will also be workouts for the under belt students. The workouts are FREE to all UFAF members. (If you are not a member of UFAF, please stop by the pro-shop for information on how to join so you can participate.) More information about the schedule of events will be available soon… but please mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend.

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