Saturday, December 31, 2016

January 2017 News

Happy New Year - Time to get back to training!

Dunamis Karate News
January 2017

Happy New Year!   Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for us to get back to training.  Classes resume on January 2nd.

We have numerous events happening in Jan & Feb so be sure to get them marked on your calendars ASAP so you don’t miss out on anything!

Click HERE for a printable calendar & newsletter.
BRING A FRIEND WEEK – January 9-12 
Students ages 6 & Up (no tiny tigers, please) are invited to bring a friend to class
with them for FREE … This week only!
Hampton - Friday, Jan 13  6 PM
Ridgeland - Friday, Jan 27 6 PM

We invite the entire family to join us for a family movie night!
Bring your own popcorn, snacks, & drinks with lids!
Hyper Fight Club
& Pizza Night

Friday, January 20 and
Friday, February 10th
6:00 - 7:30 PM
Join us for this fun fight night followed up with 2 slices of pizza and some great fellowship.
Sparring is part of your belt requirements.  Intermediate students are required to attend at least one fight night per test cycle.  Advanced students are required to attend at least 2 fight nights per belt cycle.
T-shirt Week
January 16-19
Feb. 6-19

For a $1 donation, students will be allowed to wear a t-shirt to class in place of the gi tops. 
All money raised will go toward mission projects in Liberia, West Africa.
We are offering a new program at Dunamis Karate.
UFAF Krav Maga Force ... a simple, realistic, easy to learn, and extremely efficient self-defense system.  You will learn it today and be able to use it tonight!
We are offering a free class for Adults & Teens on
Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 7:00 PM.  

The first official class will start Thursday, Feb.2nd at 7:00pm. 
The one hour class will be held two times a week on Tues & Thurs nights at 7:00.
Get a glimpse of UFAF Krav Maga Force in action!
HEADS UP – Goodwill Tournament will be Saturday, Feb. 25th.   This is open to students of ALL Ages and ALL Ranks!  During the month of February, we will hold several “Tournament Prep” classes to help students prepare for the competition.  Watch for more details!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December Calendar

Download a printable calendar here!

Download exam request form here!

Pay your test fee online here!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Major Discounts Available during our Christmas Sale


Don't Miss Your Chance

Order these great items and more at a great discount... only during our annual Christmas Sale:  In the School Monday - Wednesday during regular class hours and Saturday, Dec. 3rd 11:00 - 2:00... or shop online NOW!
Chuck Norris System
Regular Price $21 - 25
Sale Price $18
Available in Gold, Black or Dark Heather Gray
Inner Ninja
Tee $17.00
Hoodie  $32.00
Zip Hoodie $36.00

Black or Dark Heather Gray
Kicker Pants
Lightweight Nylon material with POCKETS
Stripe Colors Available: White, Gold, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Pink

Regular Price $35
Sale Price $30
Shop Online Now for all Christmas Specials
Semi-Contact Sparring Gear Packages
Colors Available: Black with Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White, or Silver
Includes Shin Guards, Mouth Piece and Mesh Tote Bag

$179 - $196
Kize Sparring Gear Packages
Available in Black or Red
Comes with shin guards, mouth piece and case & bag.

$148 - $169
Membership Discounts
Pay 6 months in full and save 5%

Pay 12 months in full and save 10%
Save 10% on all Catalog Orders by Dec. 3rd ... but you must come into the school for these orders.
Hyper Tees
Regular Price $24
Sale Price $20
Private Lesson Packages
Buy 5 Get 15% off
Buy 10 Get 25% off
Shop online or in the school between Monday-Wednesday or on December 3rd to take advantage of these great Christmas sale prices!

Make your purchases today and we will contact you to get the necessary size and color choices at a later time.

Catalog orders cannot be made online.  You will have to come into the school to order any special items from the catalog!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings - Name Them One By One

Happy Thanksgiving
From Dunamis Karate

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday, I am suddenly mindful of all the people and things that I am thankful to have, yet sometimes forget to mention.  That's why I decided to share my Top Ten Thanksgiving List with you.  

As I typed it, I got emotional over some things, so please, though it is lengthy, take the time to read it and learn some things about me and where my heart is. 

Top Ten Things For Which I'm Thankful

10 - The Chuck Norris System - CNS truly changed my life!!  You may not believe it, but I used to be terribly shy.  I remember running in tears when I had to speak in public once when I was in my teens.  But look at me now! Knowing I could kick anyone's "bootay" anytime I wanted, has truly helped my self confidence. LOL

9 - South State Bank - I'm still amazed at how we walked in there asking for a loan in 2005 and, somehow, with no money down we came away with a building! Hallelujah  God alone can take the credit for that one!  And now, we are only about 3 years from having our building completely paid off.

8 - UFAF Krav Maga Force - When I was looking for something to re-inspire my training, I found it in UFAF KMF.  We are excited about potentially starting this program in 2017.  It will be a great asset to adults who want a no nonsense approach to self defense!
7 - My Students - We wouldn't have a karate school without you! 99.4 % of the time (because everyone has an occasional bad day - even me) I am happy to see you come through the doors and onto the mat. I love that I can see your growth ... as individuals and as martial artists. I love to see you interact with each other, greet one another and encourage one another.  I love to see you try your very best, give your whole heart, admit your mistakes, make corrections to improve, and not complain about it. These things remind me that our school is a success, regardless on head count or ranks!
6 - Parents - We count on your support. You bring your children to and from, you pay the tuition, buy their supplies, wash their uniforms, find their belts ... none of it would be possible without you.   And, I won't name names, but so many of you have become more than just a face in the chairs during class. I miss you when you (your children) don't come.  It's nice to have 'adult' fellowship and I'm glad you aren't afraid to approach me with your questions or concerns or just to make conversation.  I am thankful for all of you! 
5 - Chuck Elias - He took me under his wing as a student when I was without an instructor. I would never have made 3rd Degree without his help, much less 4th, 5th or 6th Degree. Although I don't get to train with him on a regular basis, I am thankful that he is still there to assist me anytime I need it!

4 - Lighthouse Church - When Pastor Brian Trent approached me about teaching in Hampton and using the LHC Social Hall to hold class, I was nervous about it.  I wasn't sure we could actually pull off teaching in two locations.  But know I know it was God inviting me to join Him at work.  I think we are already seeing new relationships forged and community strengthened and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the future!
3 - Allison - my best friend and business partner. I don't think I would have attempted any of this without you.  People may think I'm the brave one, but many times, it is you who gives me courage to step on out and follow God.  Since 2001, you have been my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, my voice of reason and sometimes even my backbone.  I'm sure it's probably more work than you initially signed up for, but I thank you for sticking with me! I love you, my sister!

2 - Andi Lynn - my right hand ... I couldn't do ANY of the things I do without you. You have been my helper on the mat since you were about 5 and I am blessed and honored to watch you grow and continue your training and always work to be a leader and set a positive example for the masses who look up to you.   You amaze me with your talent ... not just karate, but also with your musical gifts!  I don't tell you enough - Thank you and  I love you!!

1 - Jim Dear - For over 23 years now, you put up with my love for the martial arts. Though it sometimes keeps us apart for lengths of time, you have never complained (at least not to me) or tried to make me quit.  Thank you for supporting me and the ministry God has given me.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me  you!  I love you, Jim Dear!

From My Heart,

Lindy Woods
Ninja Buck Food Drive
Drop off your non-perishable items TODAY, 11/21, and get up 1 Ninja Buck for each item (limit 5) to use toward purchases during our Christmas Sale.

Christmas Sale NEXT WEEK  November 28, 29, 30 & Saturday, Dec. 3rd.
Discounts on stock items, special order items, sparring gear, private lessons and MORE

CLOSED Thursday, Dec. 1
Christmas Parade 
in Ridgeland

Friday, Dec. 2nd
Hampton Family Movie Night at LHC 6:00 PM

Dec. 7-8 Ridgeland Belt Testing during regular class time

Friday, Dec. 9th
Hampton Christmas Parade

Monday, Dec 12
Hampton Belt Testing
 during regular class time

Dec. 14-Dec. 18
 for UFAF Krav Maga Force Instructor Training in FL

Dec. 19 - Jan 1
 for Christmas & New Year


Friday, November 4, 2016

November News

November is going to be AMAZING!

Dunamis Karate News - November 2016

November is here, that mean’s it’s also time for all students to return to
All students should now be wearing full uniforms to class.
Hyper and Krav Maga are the only classes that will still allow t-shirts!

Nov. 11-12  Region 7
Black Belt Test & Workouts
Club Karate – Beaufort, SC

This month our UFAF members have the opportunity to train with Master Black Belts from our Region.  Friday night, 11/11, at 5:00 will be a kids seminar (taught by Mrs. Woods).  On Saturday at 3:00 there will be an adult seminar on UFAF BJJ (taught by Mrs. Alice McCleary and Mr. Steve Hammersley).  These events are FREE to UFAF Members only! 
In addition to the training events, students are invited to watch the Black Belt tests.  Friday night at 6:30, the 1st Degree candidates will test.  Then Saturday at 9:30 AM, the 2nd – 4th Degree candidates will test.  These events only happen twice a year and with this one being so close to home, you definitely want to try to attend!
Nov. 23-24 
Closed for Thanksgiving
No Classes
Christmas Sale
Nov. 28-30 & Saturday, Dec. 3

Discounts on stock items, packages, private lessons, uniforms, sparring gear, weapons, and more!!
Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this sale!
Dec. 2
Private Lesson Marathon with
Miss Andi
3:00 – 4:30

Limited Space – By Appointment Only – Get a one on one private lesson with Miss Andi and brush up on your skills before Belt Testing.  The cost is only $20
Dec. 7-8
Ridgeland Belt Testing

During Class Time on Wednesday or Thursday

Be sure you meet all the Test requirements:
  • Test form turned in by 11/30  (print test form HERE)
    (Test fees waived as a goodwill gesture due to the Hurricane closures last month)
  • 80% class attendance
  • Tuition Payments up to date
  • Dunamis Karate & Flag Patch for Gold Belts & Up
  • UFAF membership for Purple Belts & Up (visit www.ufaf.orgto register)
Never Miss An Update:
Join our Text Remind Service
Ridgeland Students
Hampton Students
Nov. 18 Hampton Karate Kids at
Lightsey Park, 5:30 PM

Hampton students, join us for a karate class held out side at Lightsey Park on Friday, 11/18 at 5:30 pm.  The class will last 45 minutes and it will involve plenty of jump kicks, spin kicks, cartwheels & FUN!  All ages are invited for this big combined class!
Hampton Adults, we don’t want to leave you out.  We will also hold a special class for you at Lighthouse Church on Friday, 11/18 at 6:30 pm.
Ninja Buck
Food Drive  

Nov. 21

Help others in need this month and donate non-perishable food items.  For every can of food you donate this month, you will receive one Ninja Buck (limit 5), then you can spend your Ninja Bucks at our Christmas Sale.  Please turn in all food items by Nov. 21st!
* Good on purchases of $20 or more at the Christmas Sale
Dec. 1 Closed
No Classes


This year our school will be participating in the Ridgeland Christmas Parade.  We would like all of our students/parents to support this town event, so we will be closing this night.  Our students/parents who would like to walk in the parade are asked to purchase “GLOW CHUCKS” for that night.  We will twirl the glow chucks and wear glow in the dark bracelets/necklaces … the more the merrier.  We will be selling glow chucks with glow sticks for only $6!  You will not find a better deal.   We ask you to pre-order by 11/14.  More details about the parade will be available soon.
Order your nunchucks online by clicking here!
Dec. 2
Hampton Family
Movie Night
Lighthouse Church
6:00 PM

Join us at Lighthouse Church for a Family Movie Night.  We will watch “Underdog Kids,” a great family action comedy that is sure to please the entire family.  Lighthouse Church will provide popcorn and drinks!
Dec. 9
Hampton Christmas Parade

We would like all of our students/parents to help support this town event.  All students/parents who would like to walk in the parade are asked to purchase “GLOW CHUCKS” for that night.  We will twirl the glow chucks and wear glow in the dark bracelets/necklaces … the more the merrier.  We will be selling glow chucks with glow sticks for only $6!  You will NOT find a better deal.   We ask you to pre-order by 11/14. 
More details about the parade will be available soon.
This month is jammed pack so be sure to get your calendar marked so you don't miss out on any of the fun!
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