Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July 2010 News

Dunamis Karate News
July 2010

Dunamis Karate will be closed July 12th through July 23rd while the instructors and students attend the annual Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference in Las Vegas, NV. At the event we will go through various training classes on topics such as Jiujitsu, Sparring, Self Defense, Katas, and even business management classes. Please keep Mrs. Woods, Mr. Alex and Miss Andi in your prayers as they travel, train and compete during this event.

The ITC is open to all UFAF members ages 8 and up. Make plans to attend with us next year in July!!

Fun Fitness Summer Camp – July 7th from 9:00am until12:00pm… Increase your strength, flexibility and speed with this fun fitness camp.

Congratulations to the following students who advanced in rank during the June 22nd Belt Testing:
Sharon Garvin Gold Advanced, Xabian Mungin Gold Advanced, Omari Mungin Gold Advanced, Jose Manrique Gold Belt, Pricilla Manrique Gold Belt, Brandon Franzone White Belt, Byron Dubose Jr. Blue, Krey Lee Lowther Jr. Orange Advanced, Cole Mixson Jr. Orange Advanced, Jared Scott Jr. Purple, Dustin Scott Jr. Purple, Caelin Owens Jr. Purple, Sabastian Dalquist Jr. Gold Advanced, Preston Humbert Jr. Gold Advanced, Abraham Manrique Jr. Gold Belt, Anna Jean Bunton White/Brown, Karima Guillen White/Brown, Jakhi Pusha White/Blue
Bryleigh Beach White/Gold, Lucas Scott White/Gold, and Trent Brantley White Belt.

The next belt testing will be on August 24th with a graduation ceremony following on August 27th.

Karate Tournaments – Black Belts for Christ is hosting a tournament on July 17th in Merritt Island, FL. The deadline for registration is this Saturday, July 3rd!! The next BBFC tournaments will on August 17th in Anderson, SC, then September 18th in Albany, GA. All Dunamis Karate students are welcome to register and compete if they would like. For complete details and registration, visit www.blackbeltsforchrist.com.
There will be a big NBL rated tournament, the Survivior, in Jekyll Island, Ga on July 30 and 31st. (This tournament is recommended for the high level competitors, not our beginner students.) The early registration deadline is July 10th. For complete details, visit

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Being courteous isn't something we do only when we are in a good mood and when things are going our way. Being courteous is a way of life and treating people with courtesy should be something that we do all the time.

How many of us have had a bad day and taken that opportunity to "give someone a piece of our mind?" ... All of us have done it at some time or another. But does that make it right? NO!

Proverbs 12:18 reads "Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." This should be our daily mission... to take the best of ourselves and give it to the people around us - treating them with courtesy and kindness - bringing healing!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Karate Belt Graduatuion June 18, 2010

Congratulations to the following Dunamis Karate students
on their new ranks:

Sharon Garvin Gold Advanced
Xabian Mungin Gold Advanced
Omari Mungin Gold Advanced
Jose Manrique Gold
Pricilla Manrique Gold
Brandon Franzone White

Byron Dubose Blue
Krey Lee Lowther Orange Advanced
Cole Mixson Orange Advanced

Jared Scott Purple
Dustin Scott Purple
Caelin Owens Purple
Sabastian Dalquist Gold Advanced
Preston Humbert Gold Advanced
Abraham Manrique Gold Belt

Anna Jean Bunton White/Brown
Karima Guillen White/Brown
Jakhi Pusha White/Blue
Bryleigh Beach White/Gold
Lucas Scott White/Gold

Trent Brantley White Belt