Monday, February 9, 2015

Belt Testing 2/21/15

Belt Testing  Sat, Feb. 21st  

Here is the test schedule:

Tiny Tigers 10 AM

Jr. Beginner 10:45 AM

Jr. Int / Adult Beg. 12:30

Jr. & Adult Adv   2:00 PM

Be sure you/your child meet all the requirements before the test arrives:

1 – Clean, well fitting white uniform (If your uniform doesn't fit well or is in bad condition, make arrangements to get a new one before belt testing!)

2 – Tuition payments up to date (Students who are behind in tuition payments will not be allowed to test)

3 – Minimum 80 % class attendance (Any student with less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to test.)

4 – Exam Request form (ages 15 & under)  (Forms must be returned signed by parents & teachers.  Any student receiving less than a "2" in any area will not be allowed to test.)

5 – UFAF membership (purple belts & Up)  (All adults and Jr. students who are Purple Belt & Higher must have active UFAF membership to be eligible to test.  The cost is $50 per year.  Visit to become a member ASAP!)                  

6 – Test fee turned in by 2/19  (Test fees are $20 for all ranks up to Jr. Black Belt.  Jr. Black Belt test fees are $50.  CKD Black Belt pre-test fees are $75.)

If you have questions about any of these requirements, contact Mrs. Woods by email or on her cell 226-0889.