Friday, May 27, 2016

June Newsletter

Belt Testing - Schedule Change - Karate Camps - Don't Miss It!
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Dunamis Karate News - June 2016

Summer is quickly approaching and we are all ready for some fun and sun!  In order to allow for more family time for us and for you, we will combine the Jr. ranks and cut back our classes to two days per week... but the classes will go from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.  We will also be adding morning classes for students in the Jr. class (no Tiny Tigers, please).  Students will need to choose morning OR afternoon classes.  We do not have space for students to do both classes, so you will need to choose morning OR afternoon and stick to that for the entire 6 weeks of the summer schedule! Be sure to print the calendar and hang it where you can check it regularly so you don't forget your new class time or any of the special events or make up classes.

Printable Calendar/Newsletter 
Summer Schedule:
June 7 - July 31   
Class                                                Tuesday    Thursday      
Morning Karate (June 1- July 31)    10:00 AM    10:00 AM      
Tiny Tigers                                       4:30 - 5:00    4:30 - 5:00      
Jr. White - Blue/Green                      5:00 - 6:00    5:00 - 6:00      
Hyper                                                6:00 - 6:45    6:00 - 6:45      
Jr. Green - Black & All Adults           6:45 - 7:45    6:45 - 7:45      
Closed June 9th - Make up class Wed. June 8th                
June 4             Belt Testing            
End full schedule and begin Summer Schedule

Jr. Beginners  10:00 AM
Jr & Adult Intermediate 11:00 AM
Jr. & Adult Advanced 2:00 PM
Tiny Tigers will be tested during class on Monday (5/31) and Wednesday (6/1).
Be sure to turn in your test forms by Thursday, June 2nd to avoid the $10 late fee!

Testing Requirements: 
  • 80 % Class Attendance
  • Tuition payments up to date
  • Exam Request form with High Marks (nothing lower than a 2)
  • Clean, well fitting, white uniform
  • School Patch & Flag for Gold Belts and Up
  • UFAF membership and patch for Purple/White and up
Hyper Fight Club Camp
June 24th  $50
10:00am - 3:00pm
Pre-Register by June 6th and your camp will include a Fight Club Tee ($24 Value)
June 17          Finding Dory Movie
This movie has long been anticipated in our house and we would like to share our excitement about the Finding Dory movie release with all of you.  Anyone wishing to see the movie with us as a group can meet us at the Bluffton Cinemark theater.  Each person is responsible for his/her own ticket and snacks if desired.  (Show times will be confirmed as the time gets closer, so stay tuned!)
Hyper Believe Bo Staff Camp
July 29th  $50
10:00am - 3:00pm
Pre-Register by July 6th and your camp will include a Believe Tee
($24 Value)
We will be closed July 10-23 for the United Fighting Arts Federation International Training Convention and World Championships in
Las Vegas, NV.

This training event is open to all UFAF members.  IF you are interested in joining us this year or in the future, let us know!

Make up classes will be held July 6, 25 & 27.  Do you best to attend these make up classes so you don't miss any training time.  
June 6             Pre-Registration deadline for the Hyper Fight Club Camp
June 8             Make Up Class
Normal classes will now be on Tue & Thur, but on June 9th Mrs. Woods will be out of town, so we will have a make up class on Wednesday, June 8th.
June 24          Hyper Fight Club Camp      10:00am-3:00pm    $50        
*Includes Fight Club Tee ($24 Value)
Join us for this fast paced, heart pumping fight camp where we will cover footwork drills, combinations and strategies to help you be a champion fighter.  For Purple Belts and up who have their own gear!  *Camp includes tee if student is pre-registered by June 6

July 4              Closed for Independence Day       No Classes!

July 6              Pre-Registration Deadline for Hyper Believe Bo Staff Camp 

July 6              Make Up Class – Same schedule, new day

July 10-23     Closed for Training in Las Vegas

July 25 & 27  Make Up Classes – Same schedule, new days

July 29                       Hyper Believe Bo Staff Camp        10am-3pm   $50
*Includes Believe Tee ($24 Value)
Want to learn a bo form made by Jackson Rudolph, one of the best weapons competitors on the tournament circuit and member of Team Paul Mitchell?  Well, this is your chance!  We will be teaching his amazing bo tricks and combos and building into his Hyper Pro Level Bo Staff Form!  This camp is limited to 12 people and we are about ½ full now, so register ASAP to reserve your spot.