Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Belt Testing

Belt Testing               Saturday, September 27th      


  • A minimum of 80% class attendance is required to test.   Any student with less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to test.
  • All tuition payments must be up to date.  Students who are behind in tuition payments will not be allowed to test.
  • All students under age 15 are required to turn in an “Exam Request Form” filled out by parents & school teachers.  Any student receiving lower than a “2” in any area of the form will not be allowed to test.  Forms and fees are due by Thursday, Sept. 25th or a $10 late fee will be added.
  • Students Purple Belt & Higher are required to have active UFAF Membership ($50 per year).  Visit now to register.
  • Wear your Full White Uniform.  If your uniform does not fit well or shows excessive signs of wear and tear, purchase a replacement now!

BELT TEST SCHEDULE    Saturday, Sept. 27
Tiny Tigers  10 AM  
Beginner Jrs.  10:45
Int. Jr. & Beg. Adult/Teen  12:30 PM

Adv. Jr & Int. Adult  2PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Extra Practices for Gopher Hill Festival

Gopher Hill Festival is quickly approaching ... We've schedule some extra practices.
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Gopher Hill Festival

Saturday, October 4th .... Extra Practices Scheduled

Friday, Sept. 19 ... After the Nerf War (at 7:30) we will have a special practice for all the Hyper Pro Training students.  This practice will last 45-60 Minutes.

Friday, Sept. 26 ... we will have practices for EVERYONE:
     Tiny Tigers       6:00 - 6:30
     Jrs.                   6:30 - 7:00
     Adults/Teens    7:00 - 7:30
     Hyper  Class     7:30 - 8:00

Saturday, Sept. 27 - BELT TESTING

     Tiny Tigers  10 AM 
     Beginner Jrs.  10:45
     Int. Jr. & Beg. Adult/Teen  12:30 PM
     Adv. Jr & Int. Adult  2PM

Monday, Sept. 29, 7:00  ... This practice will be for all students who will be using weapons during our performance.   If you have been trained with weapons and would like to perform during the festival, show up for this practice!!   (If you are have never trained with weapons, you do not need to attend.)

We ask ALL students to attend belt graduation, even if you didn't test.  The performance for graduation will be a pre-view of the Gopher Hill performance.  After the performance, each student who successfully tested will receive their new ranks.  The Gopher Hill Festival street dance is this same evening, so you are welcome to leave your car parked in our lot and walk over to enjoy the music and dancing.

Remember to get your superhero shirts before the festival ... These shirts areAPPROVED ... note it's the hero symbol - no writing, no faces!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gopher Hill Festival Performance - Oct. 4, 2014

Dress like your favorite Superhero for the Gopher Hill Festival this year!
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Gopher Hill Festival 

October 4, 2014

Dunamis Karate performance - 12:30 PM

Once again, the Gopher Hill Festival committee has asked our Dunamis Karate students to be a part of the entertainment for the annual festival.  We will perform at the stage area at 12:30 PM.

The theme for this year's festival is "KIDS FEST" ... It's all about the kids.  In keeping with that theme, we are asking all Dunamis Karate students (& parents, if you'd like) to wear a Superhero t-shirt.  We will NOT be ordering t-shirts school wide as we have done in the past.  Each person will be responsible for getting his/her own superhero shirt.

Please reply to this email letting me know which superhero you or our child will wear.

Some local stores that carry superhero shirts are: Walmart, Target & Dick's Sporting Goods.  You can also find superhero tees online at places like Amazon, Party City, etc. You are free to choose any hero, I only ask that you choose a shirt with the hero's "logo" not pictures of the hero.  I've got some examples below.

Thank you!
Mrs. Woods
APPROVED shirts ...
This sample shows an example of what I mean by the hero's "Logo."

Or shirts showing the hero's body like this below.
Some other approved options showing that clearly show the hero "logo" or body.

You may find some "body" hero shirts that also come with a cape... these are APPROVED. 
NOT Approved ... pictures of the hero.

Also NOT approved ... Writing on the shirt!