Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Newsletter

Dunamis Karate News

June 2015

Our summer schedule is in full swing and we are now offering morning & afternoonclasses on Tuesday & Thursdays only. This schedule will remain in effect until August 6th. Students can attend the morning or afternoon classes, or both if they would like.
We are also offering several awesome camp opportunities. Be sure to register early to reserve your spot.

June 22 BO STAFF 
10am-12pm $20
Come learn some amazing bo skills, just like Donatello! Space is limited, so register early!
10am-12pm $20
We will be learning spins & twirls just like the ones you’ve seen Michelangelo.
June 26 SWORD 
10am-12pm $20
This sword camp is sure to be a favorite as we learn to slice & dice just like Leonardo.

Register for all 3 Ninja Turtle camps & save $10!
Other Dates to Remember:
July 17
Make Up Class

10am-2pm FREE
This 4 hour make up class will take the place of the classes you miss while we are closed (July 20-31) for training in Vegas. This camp is open to all ages & ranks … pack a lunch & snacks and be ready for an awesome workout! Students may attend all or a portion of this camp.
June 29
10am-12pm $20
This camp will be a HIT, literally, as students learn some super sparring drills to win in competition. We have a special guest instructor lined up for this camp …Master Chuck Elias, one of our region’s highest ranking Black Belts. You don’t want to miss this camp!!

All purple belts & up are encouraged to attend … if you are a blue belt or higher, I STRONGLY suggest you do your best to be here!!
Register Now
July 20-31
Closed for Training in Vegas

Come to the make up camp to get your class time!
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July 6 TRICKING Camp 10am-12pm $20
There will be something for everyone … beginner to advanced!
July 8  Forms Camp10am-12pm $20
Camp participants will learn an amazing new Hyper form and have it uploaded to our YouTube page. Don’t miss this opportunity!
July 10 Self Defense Camp 10am-12pm $20
 No more being a victim … we are Martial Arts Athletes and we are confident & strong!

Register for all 3 MARTIAL ARTS ATHLETE camps & save $10!
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