Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 2011 News & Events for Dunamis Karate

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Vegas Baby!
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Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the break from karate, but now it's time to get back to business!!
Find out what happened in Vegas and what will be happening at Dunamis over the next month!
Make sure to download and print your August Homework & Calendar using the links to the left! 
Upcoming Events 
July 29 Make Up Class 1 5:30-7:00pm

July 30 Hyper Park Session 9:30-10:30am At Gazebo by Rail Road Tracks & Fire Dept

Aug. 5 Hyper Open Session 4:00-5:00pm

Aug. 5 Make Up Class 2 5:00-6:00pm

Aug. 8 & 10 Advance-a-Belt Camp 9am-2pm $75

Aug. 11 Deadline to register for HYPER GAMES on 8/26 $5.00

Aug. 12 Make Up class 3 5:30-7:00pm

Aug. 19-20 Dixieland Nationals Karate Tournament in Myrtle Beach

Aug. 23 & 25 Hyper Shirt Week

Aug. 26 Hyper Games $5 - pre-register by 8/11 ... Prizes for top competitors!

Sept. 1 Ticket Contest Winners will be Drawn
Vegas Baby!

Our trip to Las Vegas for the Chun Kuk Do International Training Conference and World Championship was a HUGE success. It's always like a giant family reunion at the ITC.  We love to go and see our CKD friends from across the US and countries like Mexico, Norway, Uzbekistan and more.  For most of us, it's the one time a year we get together!

Mrs. Woods attended business classes to ensure our karate school is run in a professional manner worthy to call itself a CKD school. Mrs. Woods, Mr. Alex & Miss Andi attended instructor classes to make certain we are doing the best job possible when it comes to teaching students on the mat. The seminar on traditional kata, taught by Mrs. Woods was a huge hit. The class was filled with about 35 kids ages 6-13 ranking between white and green belt. Mrs. Woods covered details that make kata beautiful then various ways to practice kata to make them fun! And the seminars we participated in taught us a variety of topics from gun & knife defense to sport sparring ... from street self defense to beginner MMA skills. It was an educational experience for us all!

During the tournament, Mr. Alex and Miss Andi represented our school with honor and humility. Mr. Alex participated in men's team sparring and won both his matches. He took 4th in traditional kata, 3rd in sparring, and 1st in weapons. He then went on to win the Adult Forms Grand Champion and the Norris Cup!! Miss Andi won 1st place in Open Kata, 1st in Weapons & 1st in Sparring. She then went on to compete with her chucks in the Jr. Forms Grand Championship and won, meaning she won the Jr. Norris Cup. So, our little school in Ridgeland, SC will have TWO Norris Cups! How awesome is that!

The Jr. Norris Cup is already at the school and the Adult Norris Cup should be arriving in a few weeks.  When we have both cups in our possession, we we contacting local papers and TV stations to spread the good news!   

If you have any ideas to help us get the work out, know! 

Advance A Belt Camp     Aug. 8 & 10  9am-2pm

Don't wait until Oct. for your next rank. Learn and test on all the requirements you need for your next belt NOW. 

Students won't have another chance to advance in rank until October ... UNLESS they come to this special "Advance A Belt Camp" on August 8th & 10th.   This camp will be two 5 hour days packed with all the requirements students need to get their next rank.  They will test on each portion of the curriculum as it is completed.  At the end of the camp, belts will be awarded to everyone who successfully learned their skills.  

The cost is only $75 and it includes the belt test fee! 
Space is limited to 10 students, so reserve your spot Today!

Make Up Classes

Make up some of the lost time from when we were closed ...

July 29     5:30-7:00pm

Aug. 5      5:00 - 6:00pm

Aug. 12    5:30-7:00pm
I look forward to seeing each of you back at class this week ... I especially want to see you enjoy the NEW MAT that was in stalled while we were closed.

This week's curriculum has been changed ... instead of breaking boards we will be working on Falls, Rolls & Throws.  It's the perfect way to break in our new mat. 

We'll break boards at a later time, I promise!

Lindy Woods

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

TWO Norris Cups & A New Mat

Pictures from Vegas

See pictures from our Vegas Experience on Facebook! 

Videos from Vegas

See videos from our Vegas Experience on Youtube!

TWO Norris Cups & a New Mat!
I'm sure you are all curious to know how things went at our Chun Kuk Do training and Competition in Vegas ... Well, if you haven't already seen it on Facebook, hold on to your seat ...

We are going to have TWO Norris Cups in Ridgeland for the next year because Alex & Andi both won Grand Champion in Forms ... Alex in the Adult Division and Andi in the Jr. Division.

What is the Norris Cup

The Norris Cup is by far the most coveted prize in the Chun Kuk Do tournament.  It is a traveling trophy that only Black Belts can compete to win, and only once a year in Vegas at the CKD World Championships.   

The winners from each Black Belt division compete against each other for the Grand Championship and possession of the Norris Cup.  The winner then gets to keep the Cup for one year, at which time it is handed down to the next champion ... unless there is a "repeat" winner.  

We had the Jr. Forms Norris Cup in our karate school in 2008 when Andi Woods won it.  Then Alex Gardner brought it back to us in 2010.

Well, this year our school will be blessed to have both the Jr. Forms Norris Cup and the Adult Forms Norris Cup because both Andi and Alex won their respective divisions.  Two students from the same school winning different cups in the same year ... To our knowledge, this has never happened before.  

We are SO proud of Alex and Andi, not only for winning but for representing Dunamis Karate and our Region with honor and humility even in their victories!   

See videos of their performances on our Youtube page.     

A New Mat ... Really?

Yes - We really have put down a new karate mat.

The new mat is twice as thick as the old puzzle mats and we know everyone is going to love it.    

Getting it down ended up being a much tougher project than originally thought, but thanks to Scott Maxey, along with help from Chris Bunton, Jim Woods, Andi Woods Ashely Maxey and Alex Gardner, the work is done and the floor is ready to greet students next week!

You can see pictures of each stage of the work on our Facebook page.  www.Facebook.com/DunamisKarate  

Remember we have our LAST Summer Camp this Monday from 9am until 12pm.  There are still a few slots left if you want to come.  The cost is only $20 with the coupon below!


Lindy Woods
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

News & Events for July

Dunamis Karate Logo
July 2011
Dear Lindy,

Make sure you mark these upcoming events on your calendar so you don't miss anything that's coming in the months of July & August.   

Also, please note that we will be closed for 2 weeks in July for training in Vegas and while we install a new mat!!    

Don't worry about any class time missed while we are closed.  We will have some make up classes on the schedule for August!

Download Links
Download your copy of the Homework, Calendar and Newsletter for July! 

Online Training is available FREE using our special school code ... SC0002  

Upcoming Events

July 5 & 7             We will be working on Nunchucks during class.  If you have your own chucks, bring them to class.  If you want to purchase some, stop by the pro-shop.  They will be on sale this week only!

July 8                     Hyper Open Training Session      4:00 - 5:00 pm                   Join us for this FREE Hyper Training Event where you will learn some of the coolest kick combos around as well as some jump kick acrobatics combinations.   
July 11-22            We will be closed for training and competition in Las Vegas.  Keep our students/instructors in your prayers as they travel to and from Vegas and compete once again for the coveted Norris Cup.  While we are closed we hope to complete the installation of our new mat which will be 1 5/8" think ... more than twice our current thickness.  This will make classes safer and more comfortable for everyone!

July 25                   The LAST Camp for 2011 - Learn a Hyper Form by Hyper creator, Roland Osborne.  The camp is from 9:00am until 12:00pm and costs only $30 (But check your email for a coupon!)

July 26 & 27         Board Breaking & Bring a Friend Week    Bring a friend to class this week and earn extra tickets.  What a great class to share with a friend as we will teach you all the skills needed to break a real board.  Students will get 1 board each but additional boards may be purchased, but they must be pre-ordered before July 8th!!

July 30                 Hyper Park Session - at the Gazebo by the Rail Road Tracks
9am - 10am 
The Ultimate Class ... Outside at the park - Learn new kicks, acrobatics and combinations while hanging out with your friends!   FREE with Hyper Shirt   
Aug. 5                   Hyper Open Training Session      4:00 - 5:00 pm                   Join us for this FREE Hyper Training Event where you will learn some of the coolest kick combos around as well as some jump kick acrobatics combinations.           

Aug. 19 & 20       Dixieland Nationals Karate Tournament in Myrtle Beach

Aug. 23 & 25       Hyper Shirt Week - Wear a Hyper shirt to class and earn an extra ticket for the drawing.

Aug. 26                 Hyper Games    4:00pm  Compete in the coolest martial arts competition event.  This is a fusion of a traditional martial arts tournament and the X Games.  There are 3 special events in which students can compete:  Fastest kicks - Highest Kicks - and Trick Battle!   Cost $5.00       Medals will be awarded to competition winners.  You must pre-register by Aug. 11th in order to compete!

Sept. 1             Draw winners for the summer ticket contest!

Sept. 5             Closed for Labor Day

Sept. 6                        Resume Full Schedule with Classes 4 Days a Week!

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