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June Newsletter

June 2012Dunamis Karate Newsletter
In This Newsletter
Glow Nunchucks Parents Night Out
Hyper Excellence Bo Staff Camp
Fathers Train for FREE
Hyper Park Session
Belt Testing/Graduation/Hyper Kicks Session
Point Challenge

June 29th       $35
This will be the coolest Parent's Night Out EVER ... it will include a seminar using glow in the dark nunchucks.

The fee includes a pair of glow chucks and extra glow sticks ($27.50 value) plus plenty of food and drinks and FUN to fill the four hour night.

Parents, relax and have an evening out while we entertain the kids!  
Space is limited and you must pre-register by the night of belt graduation!!


Pre-Register for the Hyper Excellence
Bo Staff Camp

By June 30th!!!
The Excellence Camp will be held on Wed. July 11th, but students must pre-register by June 30th so we can order their bo staffs. 

The camp cost is $50 including a bo staff. 

If you already have a staff, the cost is only $35.

If you are a member of the Hyper Pro Training and already have a staff the cost is only $25!

Fathers Train for FREE
In honor of Father's Day, Dads are invited to join their kids on the mat during class, join the adult class time, or any Cage Fitness class for FREE June 19th & 21st!!   

We love Dads!
Dunamis Karate News

This month we kick off the Hyper Summer of Excellence. All students have been invited to sign the Excellence Commitment poster hanging next to the pro-shop. As a symbol of their commitment to excellence all summer, we are giving the students an EXCELLENCE wrist band.  

This is just one of many cool things to come this summer!

Hyper Park Session - Saturday, June 2nd 9:00am
Join us at Ridge Point Square (by the fire station and gazebo) this Saturday at 9:00am.  You'll learn cool kicks, acrobatics and combos while hanging out with your friends. 

This even is FREE ... Just wear your Hyper shirt!! 

Gi pants and belts are not required.  Just wear comfortable pants or shorts and sneakers!!

Belt Testing - Saturday, June 9th
Tiny Tigers & Beginners - 10:00am  Expect the test to last about an hour.

Jr. Intermediates & Beginner Adult/Teens - 11:00am   Expect this test to last about 90 minutes ... maybe more.

Advanced & Jr. Black - 1:00pm   Expect this test to last about 90 minutes.

Remember you must turn in your Exam Request Form and Test Fee by June 7th or a $10 late fee will be added! 

Students must wear their Full White Uniform to test.

Students testing for Gold Advanced & Higher must have the Dunamis Patch on the Right Shoulder and Flag on Left Shoulder.

Students testing for Purple Orange & Higher must be active UFAF members with the UFAF patch on the left chest.
Belt Graduation will be Friday, June 15th at 5:30pm.  Invite your family and friends to come out and celebrate your success.  Each class will perform a short demo followed by the belt ceremony.  The entire graduation will last approximately an hour.

Following the Belt Graduation, students are invited to stay and workout in a Hyper Open Kick Session ... Learn new kicks and tricks ... Take the Hyper Pro Challenge ... Compete in contests and battles. 

This event is FREE ... just wear your Hyper shirt!  It will all start immediately after graduation and end at 8:00pm. 

Summer of Excellence Point Challenge
Kicking off Monday, June 11th ... All summer students will have opportunities to earn points (each worth one ticket) and a chance to win various prizes to be drawn during the summer.

Each student should receive a take home list to put on the fridge to help them remember to work toward Excellence all summer and earn points at the same time.

You can also check the Point Challenge poster hanging by the pro-shop. 

Remember that our Summer Schedule goes into effect on Monday, June 11th.  We will have no more Monday evening classes starting that day.

The morning karate classes begin on Tuesday, June 12th.

Download a copy of the complete summer schedule HERE!!
Striving for Excellence,
Lindy Woods

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Newsletter


May 2012
Dunamis Karate News

It's hard to believe, but May is already here.  Please read this newsletter and mark your calendars so you don't miss any upcoming events.
Lindy Woods
(843) 226-0889

Belt Testing

Congratulations to everyone who recently passed their belt testing and was promoted in rank.  
The next test will be on SATURDAY, June 9th.  

Mark your calendar now so you don't miss this!! It will be the last one until after summer. This will be the first time we've held a Saturday test, but the quantity of students is making it necessary to have a separate day for evaluating everyone. More information about the test will be available as the time approaches.

TEAM Tournament

We are looking for students who would like to compete as part of a TEAM.  

Master Alice McCleary is hosting a Region 7 Team Tournament at her school in Powder Springs, GA on June 2nd. This event will be for teams of 3 to compete in traditional forms and/or weapons and open forms and/or weapons. There will also be competition for small demo teams (3-5 people) and large demo teams (6-15 people). There will also be point sparring when students will earn points for their school for each win. This promises to be a super fun event and a great opportunity to compete together with other friends from our school.  

The cost to compete is extremely low. The biggest expense will be travel to/from the event. If you are interested in participating in this event, see Mrs. Woods ASAP so we can start putting teams of 3 together and practicing for the event.

Summer Plans

Our summer schedule will go into effect on June 11th. We will be cutting back to two days a week and adding morning classes for convenience.

Any parent wanting to take advantage of the morning classes may also want to take advantage of the morning Cage Fitness class. You can work out at 8:30, then your child can workout immediately after.

We are running a summer special for Cage Fitness - only $99 for the 8-10 weeks of summer. This includes the T-shirt & gloves ... that's a savings of $50!  If you want more info, see Mrs. Woods or Mrs. Allison!

In This Issue
Belt Testing
TEAM Tournament
Summer Plans
Just for Moms
5 Foot Trophy!

Just for Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day on May 13th, we are inviting all Mother's to train for FREE during the week of May 14 through May 17th. Moms can come to class with their children or attend the adult class (Tue & Thur at 8:00pm) at no charge.

Also, if you'd like to participate in the Cage Fitness classes, during this special week only, you can do so for FREE.
Mon, Wed & Fri at 6:00am / Mon through Fri 8:30am / Mon 7:30pm / Tue & Thur 6:15pm. 

Karate Tournament

Masters Eric & Aaron Hensley are hosting a karate tournament in N. Augusta on Sat. May 26th.  
The format of this tournament will be similar to the Goodwill Tournament and every competitor will receive a 5' trophy.  
The cost is only $50 if you pre-register by May 12th. After that it will be $65 (cash only at the door). Students can compete in weapons, forms & point sparring. Get more info & Register online for the event - Click Here

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