Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dunamis Karate December 2010 Belt Test Results

Congratulations to the following students for advancing in rank:

Sauls, Michael White Belt
O'Quinn, Austin White/Gold
Harkins, Smith White/Gold
Maxey, Tyler White/Purple
Smith, Logan White/Purple
Brantley, Trent White/Orange
Scott, Lucas White/Blue
Beach, Bryleigh White/Blue
Pusha, Jakhi White/Red
Bunton, Anna Jean Gold/White

Guillen, Karime Jr. Gold Belt
Harkins, Larson Jr. Gold Belt
Barker, Julia Jr. Gold Belt
Solis, Jose Jr. Gold Advanced
Bundschuh, Joshua Jr. Gold Advanced
Dupree, Jessica Jr. Gold Advanced
Crosby, Wyatt Jr. Gold Advanced
Shuster, Elana Jr. Purple 
Hunter, Jenica Jr. Purple
Swartz, Tristan Jr. Purple
Owens, Collin Jr. Purple
Halker, Sonny Jr. Purple
Scott, Jared Jr. Purple/White
Smith, Louie Jr. Purple/White
Dahlquist, Sabastian Jr. Purple/White
Manrique, Abraham Jr. Purple/White
Ahern, Tyler Jr. Purple/Orange
Humbert, Preston Jr. Purple/Orange
Owens, Caelin Jr. Orange
Vera, Alice Jr. Orange/Advanced
Amy, Camren Jr. Blue
Mixson, Cole Jr. Green 
Dubose, Byron Jr. Green

Lord, Nathan Gold 
Lowther, Faye Gold
Lowther Krey Sr. Gold
Stevens, David Gold
Manrique, Jose Purple/Orange
Manrique, Pricilla Purple/Orange
Garvin-White, Sharon Orange

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turn your wishes into reality!

In old stories, people needed a fairy or genie to grant wishes for them, but YOU have the power to make your own wishes come true … through goal setting.  What is a Goal?  You set a goal anytime you say “I want to …” Your goal might be to get a pet dog, learn to dance, play football well or get better grades in school.  You can wish for anything … but a wish turns into a goal when you decide to do something to help the wish come true.  

 A wish is like a toy car without a batteries… it doesn’t do very much… but having a goal is like putting batteries in that toy car… it gives power to your wish.  When you want something so much that you decide to do something to make it happen, you put power into your wish & it starts to come alive… just like the toy car!

A good goal says exactly what you want.  For instance, you might say, "I want a pet." That's not a very exact Goal, is it? If you said, "I want a pet DOG," that would be a good Goal. But what if you said "I want a dog that will be a little bit smaller than me, it will be brown and black, it will have big pointy ears, and a nice long tail," then that would be an EXCELLENT Goal, because you are saying EXACTLY what you want.

A good goal also says when you want it.  If your goal is "I want to get good grades at school," to make it a good Goal, you would say something like: "I want to get grades that are one grade higher than the ones I got in my last report card. And I want to get these grades by the time I get my next report card." That way, you're saying EXACTLY what you want, AND you're saying EXACTLY WHEN you want it!

A good goal is one you can believe.  If you said, "I want to learn to fly like a bird," that's not a good Goal, because you can't believe it… you know you haven't got wings! But if you say, "I want to learn to hang-glide next summer," then that's a good Goal, because you know that it is possible, so you can believe in it!

A good goal also says HOW you are going to get it.  To have a good Goal, you need to make a PLAN. This is great fun! The plan will be different for every Goal, because every Goal is special. 

This month our mission is to set 3 different goals and a plan to make them happen.  Your CKD Value homework has a place for you to write them down on the back of the page.  We must write them down and make a plan ... if we don't, they are not planned to happen!