Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

Dunamis Karate News January 2018

Welcome to a New Year and welcome back.  Classes resume on Monday, January 8th and we have lots of things in store for our students and families.  Read on to find out more!
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January 8     Classes Resume with some schedule changes
See Below
Ridgeland: Monday through Thursday
Tiny Tigers          Monday & Wednesday 5:00       
Beginner Youth   Monday & Wednesday 5:30  or  Tuesday & Thursday at 4:00
Int. & Adv  Youth  Monday & Wednesday 6:15 or  Tuesday & Thursday at 4:45
Red and Black Belts    Tuesday & Thursday 5:30                               
Adults & Teens             Tuesday and Thursday 6:00
Krav Maga                    Tuesday and Thursday 7:00                           
Hyper Pro Training        Monday 7:00

Hampton: Monday & Wednesday
Tiny Tigers  5:00                                 
Beginner & Intermediate Youth  5:30  (NOTE NEW TIME FOR PURPLE & Up)                    Adults/Teens 6:15
Krav Maga Monday 7:00               
Hyper Pro Training Wednesday 7:00
Jan 15-18  T-shirt Week
$1.00 Donation

For a $1 donation, students will be allowed to wear a t-shirt in place of their gi tops.  All money raised will go toward mission projects in Liberia, West Africa.
Jan 26
Ridgeland Movie Night
6:00      FREE

Bring your own snacks, re-sealable drinks, and pillows/blankets for lounging on the mat while we watch “The Martial Arts Kid.”  This event is FREE!
Jan 19  Hyper Fight Club 
Bring your gear and let’s get ready to rumble.  This one hour class will meet your testing requirements and help you prep for the Goodwill Tournament coming up in February.
6:00-7:00      $5.00
Jan 29 - Feb 1
Krav Maga Week
for ages 13 & up

We invite parents, siblings, family and friends (ages 13 & up) to join us for a free week of Krav Maga… the worlds #1 self-defense system.  Come see for yourself how this class can increase your physical fitness and confidence while empowering you to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Feb 9     Tournament Prep Weapons Class 6:00 PM        $5.00
  Want to compete with a weapon at the Goodwill Tournament on Feb. 24th?  This is your chance to learn a weapon form to use in competition.  We welcome students of all levels of experience – ages 6 & Up!

Feb. 16                   Hyper Fight Club                6:00-7:00              $5.00

Feb 23                     Private Lesson Marathon               3:00-5:00              $25

Feb. 23                   Tournament Prep Class  6:00-7:00              $5.00

Feb. 24                   Goodwill Tournament – Lady’s Island, SC

Feb. 28-Mar 1        Belt Testing

March 2                 Super Hero Parent’s Night Out   6:00 – 8:30 PM     $15

March 16              Hyper Fight Club                6:00-7:00              $5.00
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